The success of your company is based on an excellent human capital that brings together the skills and abilities to achieve an optimal performance in the daily tasks. The staffing service is oriented to provide technical personnel of high performance in the areas of systems and technology under the following model:

  • The resource is hired by Q-Vision, this includes the selection process, technical examination and psychological evaluation, hiring, and payroll management.
  • The initial training of the assigned project and the administration of the resource is carried out directly by the client.
  • Q-Vision provides the ideal resource for the requested profile.
  • The service is billed monthly.

Among the profiles you can find the following:

  • SW Developers (Web, C / S, Mobiles, and SAP)
  • Director or Project Manager
  • Technical and Functional Support Team
  • Administration and Management of Environments
  • Architecture, DBA, Telecommunications, Networks, Servers