We have more than 60,000 IT professionals in areas of development, testing, support, managers, project managers and / or platform managers.


The success of your company is based on an excellent human capital that meets the competencies and skills to achieve optimal performance in daily work. This service is designed to provide high performance technical personnel in the areas of systems and technology in the next form:

  • The resource is hired by Q-Vision, this includes the selection process, hiring and management of wage share.
  • Q-Vision provides jobs, computer equipment, networking and administrative supervision.
  • Q-Vision provides the suitable remedy for the required profile, the success of the project, deliverables, training; and others it is the responsibility of the customer.
  • The service is billed monthly.


  • Reduction of time and wear on selection and recruitment processes.
  • Decreased operating costs in personnel management.
  • To cover needs during production peaks or special projects.
  • Optimization of managerial, allowing your company focus on your core business.

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  • Offshore/Nearshore: International companies in the form of outsourcing / outhouse ItTalent.us installations.
  • Outhouse: At the premises of ItTalent.us with workplace, computer equipment, networking and administrative supervision.