Management of Test Environments

This service involves the use of software tools (Q -Matic), for the generation of Scripts and execution of test cases, to compare actual results vs. the expected results.

The CAT model (Codeless Automated Testing), allows functional automation without the need of scripts; obtaining efficacy in regression and integration testing by 82%. Additionally, within this framework are covered the following areas; Web, client / server, performance, security, among others.


  • Q-Matic tool allows automation of functional tests without the need to write scripts or code lines; eliminating the need for advanced technical knowledge and maintenance required by scripting.
  • Optimize test case execution, distributing them onto multiple computers, centralizing reports and tests in a single repository.
  • Improved project testing times by 43%, which runs without human intervention.
  • Runs on multiple browsers without generating cost overruns in design or runtime.
  • Increased test coverage by reusing previous automation, maximizing return on investment.

Added Value   

• Having a unified framework, provides customers with better solutions, from improvements made by the R&D teams and customizations to customers.

• The impact: reduction of staff turnover and the construction of replicated knowledge.