Functional Testing

This service comprises a set of tests that is designed to ensure the quality of an application using agile methodologies, support tools and best practices of software engineering.


  • 53% User satisfaction, while identifying and correcting non-compliance.
  • 27% Cost reduction, when adjusting the settings and functionality need.
  • 37% Reduced time to market through the delivery of products and reports on time.
  • 90% Detection of errors that might occur in production.
  • 40% Reduction in corrective maintenance.


Our methodology is based on best practices, globally recognized methodologies and models suchas CMMI®, RUP®, XP®, SCRUM®, among others; which have been modified to fit our development models and culture, in order to convert the quality assurance process into a differentiating factor that increases productivity.

 Agile-Traditional Methodology